Don't have the app yet? Click here for the iOS app or here for the Android app to get started!

If you prefer a visual walkthrough, please check out our tutorials for each of the available devices below:

Signing in

To access LES MILLS+ from your device, please download LES MILLS+ from the app store. If you can't find this, please check our help article here to ensure you are using a supported device. 

Once downloaded, select SIGN IN, enter your registered email address and press CONTINUE. An email will be sent to you shortly to link this device with your account. Please open this from any device, and click the link within 24 hours to complete activation. 

Please then direct back to your app which will automatically refresh. You are now signed in and ready to start working out!

Please note: As long as you have cookies enabled, your sign in should stay valid for 12 months unless you manually sign out or uninstall the application. 


  • Some apps will show a pop-up in Step 6 prompting you to either open the app or cancel, select OPEN.
  • If you are not receiving the activation email after waiting and refreshing your email, please check here
  • For additional video guidance, please see here.
  • If you are trying to activate the app on your TV device, this is a different process which can be found here.

Signing out

To log out on your mobile device, please press the profile icon on the bottom right to get to the settings screen, then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click SIGN OUT.

If you are using a TV app to log out, go to the menu bar on the right, click the 'settings' menu item and then select LOG OUT and YES to confirm.

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