LES MILLS On Demand lets you do your workouts on the most popular devices. In addition to this website, LES MILLS On Demand workouts are available through our free apps on:

Search on 'LES MILLS On Demand' in each device's app store to find our app. Once the app is downloaded, you can sign in using your user name (email) and password to access the releases.  If our app does not appear when you search in the app store, the app is not available for your particular version of that device.

We currently do not have any apps for Smart TVs, however, you can:
  • If your Smart TV browser supports HTML5 then you may be able to stream our content on that device, but we cannot guarantee success or provide support.
  • If your TV supports casting or mirroring, use the app on your phone to cast to your TV.
  • If your TV runs Android – download the app from the Google Play Store.
  • If you've got a laptop, plug it into your TV with an HDMI cable.
  • Failing all that, a cost-effective solution is to get a Chromecast device, which should work with any TV and supports casting.

Please also note that:
  • We do not support apps on Microsoft stores except for Xbox One

For instructions on how to set up Les Mills On Demand on your select device click here to watch videos.