As long as you are using one of our supported devices, you can download LES MILLS+ onto your TV to view on the big screen! If you're not sure if you own one of these compatible devices, you can check this here. Please note that at this time you will be unable to use the Base tier with our TV apps, however, you can still cast from your mobile device to a TV. 

Quick guide

TV Device activation is a quick two-step process! You will need to sign in to your account via the website, and then enter the activation code from your TV screen here.


Detailed Instructions

  1. Download and open the LES MILLS+ app on your TV device

  2. Click to SIGN IN and you should see the following screen, with your unique activation code to the bottom right

  3. Navigate to on another device, such as your phone or computer
  4. If you see the following screen, you will need to login prior to activating

    If you are already signed in, please skip to Step 6

    • Enter your email address and select NEXT
    • From any device, open the email sent to you from us
    • Click the link to confirm your sign in

  5.  Navigate back to, and you will now see the following instead

  6. Enter the code from your TV into this screen, and click CONNECT DEVICE


Your TV screen will automatically update, and you are now ready to go!



Why do I need to sign in?

You need to be signed in before you can activate, as the TV device is linking to that active subscription.

How do I know if I’m signed in?

If you are signed in, you will see a green profile circle in the top right of this page rather than the option to SIGN IN.

I can’t see the activation code, where is it?

You will only see the activation code when you are signed out of your TV device, and then start the sign in process.


If you need to re-activate your device (for example if you’ve changed your email address), then please sign out first by going to settings > sign out.

Why is the activation link broken?

If you have manually typed in the address, there is a chance it has not been typed correctly. 

Please copy and paste or click this link directly to go to the activation page: 

Do I have to do this on my TV device?

No, you can sign in to your account and activate on whatever device you’d like! In fact, we recommend you do this on another device such as your phone or computer for a more seamless experience. 


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