We want everyone to benefit from better fitness, so a LES MILLS+ subscription can be used by anyone in your household! 

Device limits are only implemented on the web version of LES MILLS+. This includes desktops, laptops & mobile devices, as well as different browsers used within each device (e.g. Chrome & Firefox). These sessions are limited to three, meaning up to 3 devices in the same household can access workouts at the same time via the same account. 

If you reach this limit you will receive an error message stating "The device limit for your account has been reached. Please sign out of a device to watch".

If this happens, please simply log out of and close any browsers or devices you have used before, and try again. If this still does not resolve the issue, please clear the cookies and cache of those browsers as your login information could still be cached. 

NOTE: this will need to be done on any browsers/devices you have previously signed in on, not the browser you are now trying to sign in to. 

As an example, if you are signed into Safari on your phone, plus Chrome and Firefox on your laptop, you are signed into 3 devices. 

NOTE: If you think someone is using your login information without your permission, you should immediately change your password from your account page so that no one can access your subscription, and contact us if you have further concerns. 

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