Change Subscription Steps 

Who is this for? This is for customers who have a current subscription with Les Mills On Demand, and wish to change between monthly, 3 monthly, and yearly subscriptions.

1. Select here to sign in to your account.

2. Select the CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION option in the My Account page.


3. Select the subscription you'd like to purchase and follow the on-screen steps. 

4. Once you have entered your payment information and submitted it, you should be good to go. 


I don't see an option to change subscription, where is it?

What do I do if I pay for my subscription through my club or company?

  • Please get in contact with the channel you pay for your subscription. If you want to change subscription you will need to cancel your current subscription through that channel first.

How does it work? if I have time on existing subscription added if I upgrade? (short answer yes) 

  • If you change subscription, you will start on your new subscription immediately, and any residual days of your current subscription will be added on to the end. e.g. if you are on a monthly subscription and have 15 paid days remaining, and change to a yearly subscription, you will:
    • have your monthly subscription cancelled
    • start an annual subscription
    • have access for a year and 15 days

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