If you are trying to log in or sign in on our new website or app, and you seem to be stuck in a loop you may be trying to enter in your email address too many times causing multiple emails to be sent to you. Each time you enter in your email address, an activation email is sent. If you do this more than once, a new email will be triggered and makes any prior activation email invalid.

Please leave this for 30 minutes or so and come back to the app and enter in your email address only once. Then, when you receive your activation email click on the link (make sure its the email that has most recently been received) and then click open to open the app and it will sign you in.

Please try this process only once and let me know how you get on. Once signed in you will be signed in for 12 months.

If this still does not work, try the following:

  1. Open the app and enter your email address to sign in
  2. Confirm you've received notification email
  3. Click the “sign in link”
  4. When prompted to Open app or Cancel, click CANCEL
  5. Manually go to app - this should refresh and padlocks should be removed